107 coal being made in the furnace; Illegal business did not stop even if crushed

Coal is being produced illegally by burning fruits and forest trees in 107 furnaces in Abhaynagar. The environment is under threat. Due to which the children and old people of the area are suffering from breathing problems. Upazila residents have suffered serious losses.
It is known that trees are being cut indiscriminately. Unscrupulous traders are cutting these trees and burning them to produce coal. Coal is being made in 107 furnaces. The environment and biodiversity are being severely damaged by the fumes emitted from these furnaces. Forests are being destroyed, environment, wildlife and birds are facing disaster. Along with that, public health is under threat, land fertility is decreasing. Illegal activities that continue to destroy the environment for years, even if measures are taken, do not stop.
Talking to several traders and people related to furnaces in Amtala and Sonatala area of ​​Siddipasha Union of upazila, it is known that in the beginning few people were making and selling coal by burning wood for 5 to 6 years. Gradually following this method several businessmen formed syndicates. Siddipasha is densely populated area. They have started cutting trees from Amtala and Sonatla areas and from neighboring areas as well. But there are hundreds of families living there. Despite the presence of frequent houses, trees are being slashed and burned next to residential houses. Garden trees are being burnt in these furnaces year after year. Dedarache is illegally producing coal by cutting down fruits and forest trees and burning fuel to make furnaces. Residents of the area, Hanif Sardar, Shaheen Sheikh, Harun Sheikh, Yusuf Sheikh, Arif Sardar, Nazim Molya, Himayet Sheikh, Khabir Faraji said that 107 furnaces are being made in this area and coal is being made. But they are so stubborn that the locals do not even dare to open their mouths to protest against them. Thousands of maunds of wood are burnt daily in furnaces made of clay, brick and wood powder. The densely populated area has government primary schools, secondary schools, madrassas, mosques, temples, health and family welfare centres, charitable cemeteries, watersheds and farms. 107 coal stoves are being produced illegally by cutting and burning fruits and forest trees in the area. The environment of this area is under threat.
They also said that this work is being done by some local influential people. Harun Molya of Sonatala village, present members Zia Molya, Habib Howlader, Shahid Molya, Taslim Mia, Kabir Sheikh, Chetto Molya, Shanto Hossain, Taukir Molya, Monir Sheikh, Farooq Howlader and Hormuz Sardar, Rakshed Sardar, Yachin Sheikh of Dhulgram are dishonest traders. .
On the ground, more than 100 clay furnaces are made by taking cuttings on trolleys and making coal and selling it in different places. Plants were seen being cut into small pieces and burned in furnaces. Small coal is being extracted from one side. On the other side that coal is being dried. The rest is filled with sacks. The fire is fired through the open mouth of the furnace by arranging the wood in rows in the furnace. After about 7 to 10 days of burning, the coal is removed from the furnace. Each furnace burns 200 to 300 maunds of wood at a time. When the wood is burnt into coal, it is taken out, cooled and sent to different parts of the country for sale.
The local conscious said that some people have been illegally making clay furnaces and making coal by burning wood. Although the upazila administration and environment department conducted two raids and destroyed the furnaces, this illegal business did not stop. New furnaces are being built every time. As a result, on the one hand, the environment is getting polluted, the plants are being destroyed, on the other hand, the locals are suffering from various diseases including breathing problems. When a local protested against them, various threats came down on them. Along with this, the educational institutions of this area also have to face many ironies.
In this regard, Assistant Commissioner (Land) Thandar Kamruzzaman said that he has come to know about the matter. A few months ago we demolished that illegal coal production furnace with dredgers. Action will be taken soon.
In this regard, Upazila Executive Officer Mezbah Uddin said, with the cooperation of Upazila Administration, Thana Police and Department of Environment, 104 illegal furnaces were demolished with a scimitar earlier. This time necessary measures will be taken permanently after investigation.

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