1 killed in Argentina’s World Cup riots


Joy is invisible. Not visible. It is possible to feel But to understand what Anand looks like, it would be understandable if you lay your eyes on the streets of Buenos Aires. How palpable happiness can really make people forget their sorrows and pains instantly.

About 500,000 people took to the streets to welcome the World Cup winning Argentina team. Like a football lover lost his life in the sea of ​​people. On the other hand, a five-year-old child is now in the hospital. in a coma The Argentine government was forced to cancel the plan to tour Messi in an open-top bus for safety reasons. The entire city is toured by helicopter. As usual, some people are angry about this. They expressed their anger in the media and said that this government will have to bear the consequences in the future for depriving them of the vision of Messi.

On the one hand, this country is economically devastated. At least 4 out of 10 people spend their days in the stomach. After 36 years, winning the World Cup overshadowed all the sorrow and misery of Argentina. Messi, D’Maria landed in Buenos Aires on a chartered flight with the World Cup at midnight on Monday. They spent the night at the offices of the Argentine Football Federation. It was right that on Tuesday afternoon, the entire city will be circumambulated by the Hudkhola bus with the World Cup winning members. The time was estimated to be eight hours. End at the Obeliso, the city’s historic site.

Like that, after Messi went some distance by bus, a wave of crowd hit the bus. It can be seen that two men jumped at Messi while the bus was passing under a bridge. One of them got inside the bus but the other got outside. Under duress, the Federal Police stopped the bus in front of the cadet school. Messi was taken off the bus for safety reasons. From there, five helicopters circled the entire city with Messi. The President of the country declared a national holiday on this day. But wherever Messi went, it was not a mole situation. Millions of Argentines took to the streets.

But the administration failed to handle so many people. So there was no choice but to circle the whole city by helicopter. But as soon as the news of Messi being taken away by helicopter spread, the police clashed with the crowd. There was utter chaos on the streets. Argentina’s presidential spokeswoman Gabriela Chirrutti said on Twitter, “It has become impossible for the administration to handle the unbridled enthusiasm of football fans. So there was no choice but to fly the world champions by helicopter. Let us all celebrate such a joyous moment in peace. Also, our love and respect to the players.”

Claudio Tapia, the president of the Argentine Football Association, tweeted an apology to the crowd for not being able to tour the city with Messi and D’Maria on the bus. Along with that, he pointed the finger at the failure of the administration and wrote – “The security agencies that were barricading us are actually the main cause of all the confusion. They are not allowing us to proceed properly. I apologize on behalf of all champion footballers.” In the evening, millions of people have descended on the obeliso. At that time, the crowd again got into trouble with the police. Messi was forced to return to the offices of the Argentine Football Association by helicopter.

Naturally, the Argentinians could not accept this from their hearts. A 25-year-old Argentinian fan named Diego Benavidez lamented, “The administration took the World Cup away from us. The government should have organized the whole thing properly. So that every people of the country can celebrate this festival well. I was waiting to see the team since morning. But I didn’t see Messi.”

However, this success gave some relief to the government of the current country’s president, Alberto Fernandez. The country is suffering from economic recession year after year. Inflation rate has reached the highest level. This success of Messi gave a lot of oxygen to the government of Alberto. An Argentinian was heard to say, “Today, the people of the whole country have become united. An atmosphere of unity and happiness has emerged.”

Not only Messi, Alvarez, Argentines were emotional, Diego Maradona’s picture was also seen. Some people have also tried to highlight the man who made Argentina champions in 1986. Placards with Maradona’s photo were seen in the hands of many with the words ‘This is for Diego.’ who is watching from heaven.’ Meanwhile, football player Papu Gomez blew Argentina’s ‘money’ pesos to the fans while riding the bus. Naturally, the crowd erupted in joy after receiving the peso. However, the rhythm of happiness was somewhat interrupted by chaos. Source: Fox News.


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